If your vision was suddenly blurry, youíd probably want to visit an Eye Dr. rather than get advice from the local pharmacist. Then would you go on the internet to get the prescription filled because you thought maybe youíd get the glasses cheaper?

And what if those glasses werenít right, who is going to be your advocate? What recourse would you have?

Would you use a mechanic that didnít have the proper experience and certification to fix your Mercedes? Then why wouldnít you seek a specialist in the destination or type of travel you are interested in?

Each one of the specialties listed on this website required hours of study, passing grades and travel to the destination. I donít just have a couple of certificates hanging on the wall. I have 26 years experience selling travel, 15 of those focusing on the South Pacific.

Specialist Travel Professionals have often learned little known bits and pieces that can make your trip more pleasurable. They have made important contacts within the industry. They know the best way to do things and why!

So why work with me?

I have Been There

If I havenít done it chances are I know someone who has.
I invest in my business by keeping updated and current on the destinations.
I sort through information so you donít have to and simplify the booking process.
I work with the best US based wholesaler and consolidators who have negotiated rates and contracts with tourism suppliers in each country. They have people in the country who can assist you if need be.
I use your travel time wisely so you get the most out of your limited vacation time.
I cover all the bases so you can relax and enjoy your trip.
I know how to sift through all the rules and fine print to save you headaches and potential loss of money.
I can offer suggestions for places to eat, routes to take, what to pack and where to shop.
I provide personalized service and peace of mind.
I work as your advocate if something goes wrong.
Iím passionate about the destinations

I will work hard for you.