VANUATU south Pacific's Hidden Gem

This is one of the South Pacific’s hidden gems. Just a short three and a half hour flight from Auckland New Zealand.

Port Vila is located on the island of Efate and where the main airport is located. Vila, as it is referred to, is a bustling little city surrounded by fabulous accommodation. Nothing much is lacking here. Many of the resorts have spas, full service restaurants and entertainment. There are over forty restaurants and cafes where you can get anything from an Aussie meat pie to a chili dog. There are kava bars, grocery stores, night clubs, pubs and craft markets.

vanuatu beach

Life is easy going here. The bus has no set schedule. You just flag it down and pay the driver. (Exact change please) Prices are fixed in the shops so that bargaining is not the norm. The streets are safe to walk and the locals are friendly. The people of Vanuatu have been called the happiest people on earth. Perhaps the lifestyle has something to do with it.

As with other South Pacific Islands, Vanuatu is a great place for a wedding or honeymoon. Weddings can be easily arranged and requirements are relatively easy to fulfill. Resorts are full service and modern. While popular with Australians, the islands are relatively undiscovered as a tourist destination.

So, what do you do on Vanuatu aside from relax??

DIVING - If you are a diver you will likely want to head to Espirto Santo, a short 45 minute flight from Vila. This is where you’ll find some world renowned diving. You will also find the underwater post office where you can mail your postcards home!
ADVENTURE – Dive into a clear rock pool. Swim deep into the heart of a tropical rainforest. Experience the tranquillity of a sea of forest and relax in a natural Jacuzzi. See petrified trees limestone cave with stalagmites, bats. Try a rope swing. Try Game fishing, river kayaking or hiking.

Or travel to Pentacost Island where an ancient form of “bungy jumping” takes place in April/May when the yams are ripe for picking. This is when the vines are at their maximum strength. According to custom, the earth is fertilized when the man’s shoulder hits the ground. The towers can be as high as 115 ft. Each man is responsible for his securing his own vines. Fortunately, the ground is cleared and softened before the jumps!

FOR A NIGHT OUT head to one of the many restaurants in Port Vila or perhaps head down to one of the pubs or the local kava bar.