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Tahiti and her Islands - The center of the universe for romance
Just the mention of Tahiti makes you think of romance. And these islands are extremely romantic! Perhaps it’s the flowers, or crystal clear water. Maybe it’s the sound of French or Tahitian being spoken. Or the backdrop of the jagged peaks soaring out of the ocean and the manta ray swimming slowly by. Perhaps it just could be that one of the tanned, tattooed Tahitian hunks just strolled by!

There is no better place for a romantic getaway.

What makes Tahiti a honeymoon paradise?

Intimate resorts, small peaceful villages, and miles of quiet pristine beaches explain why Tahiti is ranked #1 in the world for "alone time."

Overwater Bungalows
Sleep above the turquoise lagoon waters in your thatched-roof hideaway. Listen to the lapping of the water. Or, watch your Tahitian television. This is “window” in the floor. In the evening turn on the light under your bungalow and watch the fish come up. Some even slide open so you can feed the fish.

Polynesian Spas
Relax and rejuvenate at one of the many luxurious Polynesian spas surrounded by the tropical ambience.

Some of the world’s most romantic voyages depart every week for Tahiti's most beautiful isles. You can sail within the legendary South Pacific aboard luxurious cruise ships or small yachts.

Do everything or nothing at all. Experience one of the many lagoons by diving, snorkeling, or boating. Take one of the island safaris, go hiking or go shopping.

Tahiti is known worldwide for its beautiful black pearls. If you visit a pearl farm you will understand why these little gems are so expensive. You can go to the Tahitian Pearl Factory in Papeete and choose your own. And it’s a great place to learn a bit about pearls. There are many markets around the islands. Le Marche in Papeete is a must to visit. The locals shop here for fish and seafood, produce and flowers. It is also a great place to shop for souvenirs. Here you’ll find woven mats and purses, t-shirts, Tahitian vanilla and inexpensive jewelry. Take a look at the colorful pareos. You might just buy several. Use one yourself while in the islands and take some home for gifts.

Share in the warmth and welcome of your Tahitian hosts whose love for their islands is seen through music, dance, and flowers.