bus for Milford

Boarded the bus for Milford sound about 8AM. Finally going to get to do the overnight trip on the sound on the Milford Mariner.
Another beautiful day and the scenery was lovely. After a lunch stop in Te Anau we headed to the sound to board our boat.
While not fancy the boat is clean, cozy and fun. We were able to get right up next to some rocks where seals were sleeping. Got close to the waterfalls too Ė wonít need to shower tonight! The food was good and plentiful. Ate with a couple of Aussie girls.
The very best part of the trip however is the quiet in the Sound after dark. No one else there and itís perfectly still. Great nightís sleep.

Arrived Queenstown

Arrived Queenstown about 1pm. Freshened up and went to meet Kevin of Segway on Q. After a brief lesson we started off around Lake Wakatipu. It was a beautiful day to cruise around, albeit slowly, on a Segway. Iíve never done it before but it was a blast! We wove our way through town and up to the Gardens. You should have heard the comments and seen the looks we got. SO much fun and didnít break anything!
Next went to the Cow for Pizza. Still as good as last time!
Off to bed early.