Why Buy Travel Insurance?

Why should you buy travel insurance? I know we all think (and hope) nothing will happen to us. But after 26 years in the travel business I have seen all sorts of things come up.

You are traveling half way around the world and spending your hard earned money.

I was just told of a couple (happily not my clients) who had to cancel their honeymoon. Just 2 days before the wedding they were both in a serious car accident. The wedding had to be postponed as she needed surgery. The honeymoon had to be totally cancelled only 5 days before they were scheduled to leave. They were watching their money and didn’t think anything would happen. After all they were both young and healthy.

So they declined insurance. They just lost thousands of dollars! They likely won’t be able to afford the honeymoon when the time comes. Add that to the financial and emotional stress of the accident and those extra dollars they’d have spent for peace of mind sound like a bargain!

Fortunately, the majority of my clients choose to take out travel insurance and things end up being fine. But once in awhile life intervenes.

What if…what if…what if…?

You break your ankle the day before you are set to leave?

A parent or child gets ill?

You get sick or injured while traveling and need medical assistance?

You have to be flown back to the US for care?

Will your insurance cover you?

In this day of non-refundable, cancellation fees, high airfares for last minute flights how are you going to protect yourself.

Insurance is always recommended. There are many policies out there. We can go over options the time of deposit