Good bye to Brisbane

13JUL Ė Sadly itís time to head home. We have had a great time. It was a good group and we had lots of laughs. We ate on the run to the airport. Until next time Queensland!

Town of Eumundi

We transfer down to the ferry for our trip back to River heads where we are met by our coach. Today we are heading to a little town called Eumundi and the markets there. We had a couple hours free to explore the little town and the market. I made two discoveries here. One is that there is a place called the Service Station right in the middle of town. Looks like a convenience store. But it had one pump out in front. Whenever someone pulled in to buy gas a woman ran out and pumped it and took the money. Had never seen that before. I was there to give in to one of my Aussie weaknesses, a Magnum ice cream bar. I know we have ice cream bars here but I tell Ďya thereís nothing like a Magnum bar on a warm Australia day. While exploring the markets we heard some music and went to see what was going on. There was a guy playing about 4 different didgeridoos, a flute and a guitar. He also sang. He was fabulous. So three of us bought CDís. I have his link on the home page here. Tonight is our last evening and our farewell dinner. The place chosen is beautiful. A big deck overlooking a ravine down by a river. Stairs lead down. We are being entertained by a poet who is funny and a bit off the wall and a combo of 2 fellows playing guitar and singing. Our dinner was a 5 course meal prepared by a chef in the open kitchen. He carefully paired wine with each course. There was also someone from an Aboriginal Art gallery that gave a talk on the art. We had a good chat about the art as it is one of my passions.

Fraser Island

We are on our way to Hervey Bay to board charter planes to Fraser Island. Fraser is the largest sand island in the world. A fascinating place with long beaches, rainforest and Dingos! We set out in a 4WD vehicle and then did a hike in the rainforest. It was so peaceful and beautiful. We also got to go to a beautiful lake with a beautiful name; Lake MacKenzie. After getting in the water for a bit we headed back to the resort to get the sand off. Next we had an excellent bush tucker demonstration. Itís amazing the spices and flavors found in the Australian Bush. After dinner we hopped on the internet for a bit and called it a day.

Australia Zoo

A quick breakfast and we were off to Australia Zoo, home of the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. This was an exciting day for me as I had only been there once and it was 2 days after Steve died. Very serene and quiet. Like the animals knew. We didnít get to see much of the zoo that day. So today is my day to see it all!. And see it all we did! We were there for about 4 hours and saw so many animals. The best part for me, aside from the wombats, was the animal hospital. When we walked in there was as small koala on the table just coming out of anesthesia after a procedure. By the time we left he was being held at the entrance to say goodbye to us. They do amazing research, conservation and rescue there. Quiet dinner tonight at the hotel so early to bed. A good thing!