Australia New Zealand Travel Source

australian kangaroos

I have been in the travel industry since 1984. After getting my feet wet as a travel agent, I went on to manage two small independent agencies.

Since I was a child, I had always dreamed of going to Australia. In 1993 I traveled to Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti for the first time. This trip was proof positive that travel dreams really do come true!

I then enrolled in the Aussie Specialist program sponsored by Tourism Australia and became one of the first Aussie Specialist travel agents in the US. Sensing that I wanted to focus on the South Pacific, I enrolled in the Kiwi Specialist program and the Tahiti Tiare program. Subsequently, I completed the Fiji Matai specialist course, and again was one of the first Matai agents in the US. I have also undertaken courses in the Cook Islands, Vanuatu and Samoa.

In 2002, I opened Australia New Zealand Travel Source so I could concentrate solely on promoting my specialty.

I’ve traveled to Australia 29 times, and have visited every state and territory more than once. By experiencing a great cross section of this diverse country I have the solid background, practical knowledge and skill to create itineraries to suit traveler’s needs. By going back every year, I am able to keep current on what’s new, what’s changed, and what suits the North American traveler.

In my travels, I have met and become acquainted with numerous suppliers and representatives in the tourism sector in each of these countries. These relationships play a key role in helping me meet or exceed my clients expectations.

In 10 trips to New Zealand, I’ve covered both North and South islands several times. From the tip of the North island to the sounds of the South island, I have covered everything from luxury lodges to motels, and the top of Sky tower to underground caves. I also enjoy Maori culture and history and art. Because of my passion and enthusiasm for these countries I look forward to each and every opportunity to create lasting memories for my clients. And because of my experience I work only with reputable US based wholesalers that have a proven track record of looking after my clients in the way I’d like to be taken care of.

Australian at heart

People often comment that I don’t have an Australian accent. I simply tell them that the part of me that is Australian is in my heart. The following quotes from the book Waltzing Australia by Cynthia Clampett, pretty well sums it up:

“My time here was wonderful and exciting, but it was more — it has given me myself. As the dream unfolds, I’m finding that it is better than I ever imagined. Though the world holds many delights for me, and I have truly loved other countries I’ve visited, there is something about Australia that keeps drawing me back. No other place feels so right to me.”